The Bastard Collective doesn't have friends. But here are a couple of people who are at least geographically close to the group.

Matt Hobs

Matt Hobs has been performing on the comedy circuit since 2012. A proud Bristolian, "scientist" and silly sausage. He has been wowing "audiences" across the country with his unhinged take on the world.

Fun fact: Matt Hobs is black-and-white in real life too.

Chelsea 'Chisly Borkly' Birkby

Chelsea Birkby let the dogs out. She is a human person and stand-up comedian. Skills include laughing at her  own jokes a.k.a. getting high on her own supply – can guarantee laughter (her own).

Fun fact: Chelsea cannot move her left forearm below the horizontal.

Alex Farrow

Alex uses stand-up comedy to explore the funnier side of science, history and philosophy. He also organises many comedy nights through Jericho Comedy:

Fun fact: as you can see, Alex only exists in two dimensions.

The Guard Ian

Ian is a security guard and passionate defender of all things defensive. He will challenge you if you look under 25, regardless of context.​ Particularly invested in health and safety at cultural events, Ian's reviews have become one of the smash-hit social media sensations of recent years.

The Oxford Imps

The Imps are a group of improvisers of which Dan Squire, and therefore the entire Bastard Collective, are technically a part. Performing comedy made up on the spot throughout Oxfordshire and the south of England, as well as every year at Edinburgh Fringe and on occasional international tours, the Imps are useful patsies with which to split fuel and accommodation costs.

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