The Collective | Members

Nikolai Kuznetsov

// Foreign bastard


Founding member of The Bastard Collective. Russian correspondent and definitely not a spy.

Conspiracy Guy

// Paranoid bastard

Deliberately anonymous. The only member of The Collective who is AWAKE. Open your eyes sheeple.

MC Toxic Shock

// Microscopic bastard

Musical lead and viral sensation. Enjoys beats with the dirtiest bass in, lives in your dirtiest basin.

Terry Tapeworm

// Long bastard


An absolutely gross specimen. Correspondent for internal affairs. Deeply unconvincing outfit.

Julius Vanderbilt

// Successful bastard

Self-made millionaire and economics expert. Often found in conference centre bathrooms with a little bag.

Sir Hugo St. John OBE

// Rural bastard

The latest of an illustrious line of bastards. Sickened by the last 200 years of progress. COMING SOON.

Dan Squire

// Booking bastard

Improviser with The Oxford Imps and manager for the Collective. Organises logistics, bookings and shit.

Booking Agent: Dan Squire



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