About The Collective

The Bastard Collective is a loose conglomeration of affiliated bastards, sharing only two things in common: a hobby of stand-up comedy, and a mutual disdain for audience members. Representing everything that's wrong with the world - from antibiotic-resistant diseases to Russian hackers - these bastards can be found in rooms above pubs across the south of England.

Like the Avengers, if the Avengers were bad people with no superpowers or CGI budget, The Collective are adding new members every now and then. Speak to booking manager Dan Squire for more information.


As heard on Union Jack Radio, BBC Radio Bristol and BBC Radio Oxford.



"This guy put the effort in [...] The man has both talent and plenty of grey matter. [...] Genuinely laugh-out-loud funny."

- Daily Info

"I have found Dan to be really proactive, adaptable and reliable."

- Feedback from my boss, but it's all relevant right?

Booking Agent: Dan Squire


Email: dan007squire@gmail.com

Oxford | United Kingdom

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